For the Office

For the Office

Maximise efficiencies behind the scenes by streamlining enrollments, attendance, billings and rostering and ensure all your business requirements are met.

Enrolment management

Customise online application and waitlist forms, request documents, monitor availability and waitlists and offer places with ease. Eliminate data input with automatic mapping to child and parent profiles.

CCS management

Manage and reconcile child care subsidies easily with automatic attendance submission, or opt to submit at a time that suits you.

Integrated payments

Streamline your fee collection and get paid faster with fully integrated Direct Debit plus optional Pay Now on statements. Save even more time time with scheduled payments submission and automatic reconciliations.

Child, family and staff profiles

Capture and manage child, family and staff details in one secure place. Relevant information seamlessly flows through to the classroom, reception, and management.

Flexible billing and automated statements

Set up multiple session codes, add one-off charges and payments, apply discounts, create payment plans and more, and capture it all in automatically generated statements.

Staff rostering

Optimise staff resourcing and payroll outcomes with staggered rosters aligned to attendance variations across days, rooms and intra-day arrivals and departures. 

Timesheets and payroll

Automatically generate individualised timesheets capturing hours worked with digital staff sign in and out. Send to staff for digital confirmation and upload relevant information to your preferred payroll system.

Multi-level staff permissions

Assign different levels of access and permissions for each staff member, depending on what you want them to have access to.

Bookings management

Add, delete and change bookings with ease. Booking details seamlessly flow through to daily rolls and class lists.

Approved persons management

Reliably record details of additional carers approved to drop off or pick up children, and securely communicate centre procedures.

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